Moonshine Ranch
Equestrian Center

At Moonshine Ranch Equestrian Center, we...

...believe in treating each horse as an individual gets far greater and faster results than the typical text book methods that we see in the industry today. By understanding how each individual horse thinks helps create an unbreakable bond between trainer and horse that, with client participation, is easily transferable to the owner!

We specialize in all aspects of trail horse from superior trail, to extreme trail competition, search and rescue, mounted patrol, endurance, field and trial, ranch/all-around and more! 90% of all training is done on the trail as well as country roads, and open fields for a well rounded training program! We start by building a rock solid foundation that consists of top notch ground work and lots of desensitizing with every horse we start here!

New to our facility  is our extreme trail course which incorporates obstacles such as: noodle wall, steep horse stairs, shallow and deep water holes, log crossing, flat and raised bridges, log pull, tire crossing, mattress crossing, can box crossing, teeter totter, and more!

All of our programs are all inclusive which means you get board included with hay twice daily and grain as directed, five lessons per week for your horse, one lesson per week for owners! We feed only top quality hay at our facility as nutrition is a vital part of a horses ability to learn.

From early spring to late fall we take frequent camping trips to Tamarack Horse Camp with our trainers which really polishes their trail experience!