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Quotes I brought my young draft cross to Jeremy for 30 days and was completely satisfied. He filled all the holes that were missing in his original training, and delivered a well rounded, confident horse to me. Also, he worked with me to gain confidence in my horse and my own ability. Also, I purchased Cricket, an arab/saddlebred cross from Jeremy last February, and I couldn't be happier. He has a solid foundation, and goes through anything. I have recommended Jeremy to all my horse friends, and when the time comes again for me to purchase or have another horse trained, I will be calling Jeremy for sure. You will not be disappointed. Quotes
Couldn't be happier!

Quotes In July 11' I purchased Kabuki, a 4 year old draft/ thoroughbred cross from Jeremy that he had trained as a two year old. I love this horse! As someone who works with young warmbloods for a living I can truly appreciate every aspect of training Kabuki has. From ground manners to riding him in any terrain or situation I have full confidence in my 4 year old boy. When we have gone camping with a group no one can believe he is so young. He is always the "broke confident one" of the group even though he is by far the youngest. Rivers, guns, birds, other naughty horses, thick brush, deer, bikers, four-wheelers, dogs, bridges...Nothing has phased this horse! He has a great foundation to continue on to do whatever I chose to do with him. I can't wait to see what other adventures we will have in the future. I am so happy to have found such an amazing and well trained horse. I would recommend Jeremy's training to anyone I knew. Thank you Jeremy. Quotes
Kristin Kautz

Quotes Before sending my gelding (Fire) to Jeremy, I checked around and paid attention to the 'results' I saw in other horses that had come back from a trainer. I was greatly impressed by the results I saw in horses owned by 2 different people. As it turns out all the horses had been trained by Jeremy. I decided to take a chance on him and what a pay off! Fire is a young Arab who was lacking confidence and hours under saddle. He came back with a whole new attitude. He is more than just willing. He is happy and looks forward to hitting the trails! He takes new objects and experiences in stride. I have been able to trust him with inexperienced riders with positive results. In the few weeks since he has been back, we have encountered farm machinery (lots of it), traffic, gusting/ strong winds, deer, snow, tarps flapping in the wind, dogs jumping out, cattle and a million other things. Fire takes it all in stride. Quotes
Building Confidence

Quotes I've Known Jeremy for Several years now he is a Great Friend and amazing Horse trainer !! About a year ago I wanted to learn how to ride a horse, So I asked Jeremy to teach me what I needed to Know about riding. He spent a lot of time teaching me and showing me what I should and should not do to get on a horse and ride. He is very knowledgable and good with horses, and in no time he had me on a horse and I was riding. He made sure I knew exactly what I needed to know before he got me on a horse. I had so much fun and Can't wait to return to his home to ride horse again ! Quotes
David Holm

Quotes Jeremy took time to work with an aged mare that had been "just a brood mare" on an Arabian farm for many years. When she came home she was as gentle and sweet as you could ask for, trusting and willing. Safe for event the smallest grand-children to ride without a concern. Jeremy also re-programmed a mare I purchased that had had many bad experiences with men - from neglect to abuse of the worst kind! Before she was even ridden by Jeremy he worked with her total trust issues. She would even pull the tools out of his back pockets playfully when before if she saw a man she would shy or shake. Superman may be fictional, but there is something super in this training! Quotes
satisfied plus

Quotes I brought my three year old gelding, Atticus, to Jeremey for some training. Atticus was a little nervous and definitely not close to broke. The prior owners had tried, been thrown off and just let him win. So, I knew Atticus thought he could all the time. Within 30 days Atticus was a completely different horse. He was calm and gaining so much confidence in himself. Jeremy was riding him all over the place and Atticus was loving it. When I got Atticus back we had an incident where while riding him I came across an horse and rider accident. Emergency vehicles had to be called in and throughout all the confusion, chaos and extreme noises Atticus stood calmly waiting for me to return back to him on the road. Jeremy has my vote 100% with training. There is no one else I would trust with my boys and he has proven himself to be somewhat of a Super Hero to me!! Thank you!! Quotes
I think Jeremy is hiding a cape!